Lawrence Associates Agency Inc.
Offering Driving Classes
Rochester, New York 14626
Pre-licensing Course Completion Certificate (MV-278) Replacement

If you need a replacement "Pre-licensing Course Completion Certificate" (MV-278) Please call ahead and make arrangements beforehand to pick up the certificate, NOT THE DAY OF THE ROAD TEST. You will need to come to our our office (2142 Ridgeway Avenue) with your permit and fifteen dollars. Your signature is required for the duplicate MV278 and the roster and control form, which is provided to the DMV. Date of issuance will be noted on the certificate.
Driving School Classes are no longer taught by Lawrence Associates Agency. If you are a past student and need a replacement certificate please contact our office at (585)227-7500   

Certificate of Completion for 6 Hour Insurance/Point Reduction

If you need a replacement "Certificate of Completion" for taking the Insurance/Point Reduction class, you must call  American Safety Inc. at 800-800-7121 You will need to provide your driver's license number, date of class and the class location. If you do not remember the class date or location Mary Lux will provide  you with that information by calling (585)227-2651. There is a cost to get a replacement certificate.